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it's called a rolling black out. despite the heat some trucks will not be able to roll tomorrow. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. fewer trucks will be available to respond to emergencies. lloyd lacuesta is live and shows us how these rolling blackouts work. >> reporter: this truck is being taken out of service in
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an effort to save money but some wonder at what price public safety. >> reporter: it's called rolling brown outs of fire companies at different stations. >> that will give us four additional firefighters to staff companies throughout the city instead of calling overtime. >> reporter: some 100 firefighters responded to last week's fraternity house fire at san jose state. now with the possibility of two fire engines being taken out of service on any given day response times could be longer than the department target of eight minutes. the number of firefighters on trucks is being dropped from five to four. and firefighters are going to have to do more and be paid 10% less. >> response times increase, fire intensity grows and so upon arrival our firefighters are going to be faced with a greater workload, higher risk and greater demand. all of this doesn't sound
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good, especially to people who live in the critical areas of san jose foothills. >> that's not good for anybody, when they start doing that. especially right now when it's dry. >> reporter: juan quintara weeded out some of the dry brush around his house. the4th of july has more fires than any other day in the year. >> we don't know what's going to happen. we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll have enough staff as needed. >> reporter: because of the fire danger, there will be no brown outs on the 4th of july weekend. at this hour a new company rural metro ambulance is taking over operations from american medical response or amr. rule metro had to offer jobbing
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to amr paramedics as part of the deal of winning that new contract. that was an illegal fire work known as an m1000. authorities wanted to show the damage it could do if it went off in someone's hand. so called safe and sane fireworks are legal and only a handful of bay area communities. and officials urge caution even when using legal fireworks. oakland police will set up an anonymous hot line for people to report illegal fireworks. that number you see it on the screen, 510-777-8814. the hot line will provide assistance in english, spanish,
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mandarin and vietnamese. the ktvu has more information. pg & e is under fire for not being able to produce safety reports for natural pipelines. reports on an additional 15 closures are also suspected of being false. the golden gate transit district has cancelled tomorrow's ferry service after employees announced this afternoon they are going on a one day strike. there will be no ferries from sausalito and larksburg to san francisco. golden gate bus service will not be affected. the union is striking over plans to eliminate ticket takers in order of self-serve machines. the transit district says it has to close an $89 million shortfall over five years. >> cost for operations continue to go up. but our ridership stays here and our traffic stays here. so as those costs go up we have
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to close that gap. >> reporter: the union says the district is unwilling to provide adequate severance for the ticket takers. governor brown signs a budget today on time, something that rarely happenless. the new budget also has no new taxes but the governor hinted in the future he may ask for new taxes since californians may not like all of the spending cuts. >> californians are going to have to think very hard about what is it that we want from our university, from our police and sheriffs, from our safety net for the most vulnerable. for our children. >> here are some of the changes in the new budget, the sales tax will be reduced by 1 cent on every dollar or one percentage point.
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most drivers will see a reduction in the yearly fee for registering a vehicle. governor brown eliminated commissions and vetoed spending for others. if the revenue falls short, there will be a separate round of cuts. they are the faces of san franciscans and they all tell a different story. >> i've had four kids murdered, it's really sad. >> reporter: and it all turns around. the director of this spot says it is the anchor for many senior citizens here in the bay view and if that anchor gets
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pulled up, lives will indeed be changed forever. >> this time they decided to wipe out the entire health care. >> reporter: kathie davis says the majority of these men and women receive medi-cal. now many adult day health centers may close and many of those you see here could soon be in nurses homes. >> the state will be paying for it and they'll be paying a lot more for the nursing care than they pay here. >> reporter: citizens across the state participate in 88c, many are quite passionate about it. >> stop taking everything away from the community and leave something in the community for the people. >> reporter: a lawsuit has been filed by disability rights california on behalf of the seniors in an effort to stop the state from eliminating ad hc. a ruling is expected sometime this summer. mike mibach, ktvu. >> by cutting adult day health
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care the state expects to save $169 million. 11 of californians 300 facilities have already shut their doors. many more are expected to close by september 1st. the new budget does allocate $85 million to help some seniors transition to a new program that is yet to be developed. the u.s. justice department is planning to get tough on the áf marijuana and states that allow it. justice fishes say that dispensaries and license growers could face federal prosecution for violating drug and money laundering laws. federal officials have backed off on prosecutions in the last years. a ktvu special report on medical marijuana that comes in a spray form to treat chronic pain. the timetable for clinical trials before it can become a mainstream treatment. happening now the city of
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oakland has approved a new budget. the city council met tonight and after tense negotiations the vote was 4-4. and mayor quan broke the tie. members warned the spending plan will likely have to be modified in the future. it is dependent on concessions. half way through 2011, oakland police are dealing with a spike in homicides. so far there have been 65 killings including five that are considered justified homicides. last year at this time the number was 41. amber lee live with what officers attribute this increase to and how they need help from the community. >> reporter: police tell us they need the communities help, not only in solving had homicides but preventing them
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as well. and they put out dozens of officers on the streets to build trust with the community. here's a few of the oakland homicide scenes we've been to this year. these streets are usually portrayed as riddled with violence. often senseless. >> you can be a victim at any given time in oakland. >> reporter: vanessa barnett speaks from experience. her 24-year-old daughter was killed at a street gathering. crime unsolved, police tell us they have made an arrest in 40% of homicide case this is year. they say they're often hampered in cooperation.
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>> reporter: we were told the family wanted to quote keep the peace. >> we have the angriest young people i have ever seen before. i don't know what they have so much anger about. >> reporter: still, the mother of taylor says she has hope that police will bring her daughter's killer to justice. >> i feel strongly about, they're going to find that person. >> reporter: police say it's not just investigators who solve crime but the community. reporting live from police headquarters, amber lee, ktvu channel two news. more details now, the city of san jose is also seeing an up tick in homicides. that compares to 14 for the first six months of last year. back here in less than 10 minutes, i'm going to have
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tomorrow's forecast for the start of a big holiday weekend. i'll give you a hint, it's going to get hot around here. and a warning after two hikers at yosemite are swept away.
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homeowners now have less than 24 hours before firefighters require them to install smoke protectors. only some people appear to be getting the message, eric rasmussen. >> reporter: owners at this warehouse store say they ran out for a time today. but homeowners now know that if you don't have one of these at your home, you're going to get fined. on friday all single family homes in california will have to have a smoke detector. >> did you know you have to have one by tomorrow. >> no. >> i heard it was going to be put into law but i didn't know it was tomorrow. >> the purpose here is to allow you to protect your family. >> reporter: menlo park fire chief saw the dangers of carbon
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monoxide in 2008 when his department responded to a home where it affected eight people. >> they actually had several children unconscious, they had adults that are sick. >> a very basic battery operated one. >> reporter: now that the cost has dropped under $30, supporters of the law say there's no reason not to have a carbon detector. officials admit catching offenders isn't the goal. >> how do you even begin to enforce a law like this. >> like many laws. how do we enforce it? we could be punitive. it's kind of a carrot on the stick process. >> reporter: one study shows deaths from carbon monoxide 20 to 30 in a year. it will be the end of the road tomorrow for an incentive for hybrid drivers. the state had allowed drivers
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of hybrid vehicles with those coveted stickers to drive solo. those motorists will now need more passenger just like everybody else. beginning tomorrow the toll for five axel vehicles goes up to $18. that's an increase of almost $7. and the cost of public transit is also going upstarting tomorrow. munni is raising the price of a monthly pass by $1. the cost of riding the iconic cable cars in san francisco, also going up $1. and caltrain is adding 25 crepts 25 -- cents to its fares. truck driver lawrence valley slammed right into a train killing six people
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including himself. amtrak claimed negligence by john davis trucking company for hiring and training of the driver who had several traffic tickets. reputed mobster whitey bulger appeared in a court this morning. a police van took him to the courthouse. a federal judge declared bulger was broke. bulger reportedly has $1 million in assets but those have been broken. the judge refused to request to keep bulger's 1984 racketeering case alive and ruled in favor of prosecutors who want to try bulger for 19 murders. the sexual assault case against the head of the monetary fund is reportedly falling apart. dominique khan could be released from home arrest tomorrow. there's problems with the maid's credibility. a man camping in lake tahoe is attacked by a bear and
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survives. it happened sunday at the camp richardson resort and marina. the black bear tried to rip its way into a tent leaving behind what is described as shallow scratches. fish and game officials say black bears like this one are causing more and more headaches in the lake tahoe area. experts say most of the problems come when bears try to get human food. the man in sun's attack says he had no food inside the tent and he has no idea what attracted the black bear. one man is dead and another missing after they were swept into the river. >> reporter: park rangers and many visitors seem to agree yosemite national park is displaying the biggest most powerful waterfalls in the past 15 to 20 years and attracting huge crowds. >> knowing that this year was
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such a spectacular rainfall year. we knew the falls would just be incredible. >> incredible and dangerous. rescue crews are still searching for the second hiker swept off the ridge yesterday, the body of the first hiker who drowned was recovered. rangers say the swollen falls poured over the ridge but the hikers were caught in the moment. >> obviously there was water there, obviously they saw it was dangerous conditions, but they made the decision to cross the bridge. >> reporter: visitors were talked to were not surprised by what happened to the two hikers, calling the waters tempting hazards especially for youngsters. >> it's exhilarating, it's gorgeous, it's massive and frightening that they get any where near the streams. >> reporter: one hiker says his group didn't realize the danger
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until they got to the edge. they say the search will continue throughout the 4th of july weekend. robert handa. the weekend is upon us pretty much. tomorrow is the get away day for many. we had a nice day, warmer tomorrow. nicer each day as we head into your bay area weekend. overnight lows tonight in the 50s. fog kind of reforms at the coast, like it did last night but we're going to see clearing again tomorrow. sun should be out by 11:00, 12:00 tomorrow. it'll be a sunny nice day at the beaches. here come the oranges, those are 80s. temperature footprint for tomorrow. that's a significant warm up from just two or three days ago when we had temperatures just in the 60s.
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i'm back here at 10:45. i'll have your forecast for the city, we'll look at your three day weekend magnified. people who live in east oakland now have a state of the art place to spend their time. the oakland raiderettes kicked off the event. it has an aquatic and dance center, tennis courts and a gym. the facility has been 15 years in the making. the center is open to all ages. separating fact from fiction. the family of a missing student responds to reports they call bogus. plus -- >> reporter: county jails prepare for a flood of new inmates. we go behind bars to take a look at the impact. and in the ktvu special report, medical marijuana in the form of a spray. the hope it's giving to some patients. (
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hayward police discounted reports in new leads of the medical disappearance student michelle le. a report that calls were made from her cell phone after she went missing. hayward police call those erroneous. >> we went specifically to arizona to follow up on a lead there. as for phone calls coming from michelle's phone, i'm not aware of any phone calls. >> a woman from arizona did contact le's brother over facebook but he says he has not heard back from her. meantime the family says they will not be searching this weekend. a new budget pays thousands of dollars for keeping inmates
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in jails instead of prison. david stevenson tells us about a county that might be able to handle this more than others. >> reporter: san francisco chief says he's luckier than most. >> we currently are under capacity, but we will be at or over capacity in approximately 90 days after realignment goes into effect. >> reporter: realignment aims to save the state $400 million a year by pushing county jails to pack in thousands of nonviolent, low level offenders. the budget signed by governor jerry brown today projects about $100 million in aid to help counties pay for the plan. >> these inmates are better served we believe at local jails. >> it's flopping on responsibility to the county. >> reporter: 60% of people usually sent to prison will now
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stay in jails. but with california prisons at 187% capacities, state officials say keeping some inmates in local jails will help lower the rate. realignment is set to begin october 1st and only affects low level nonviolent offenders who have been convicted after that date. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we call ourselves adex. >> the parolees hope that a job cleaning these highway medians in oakland will give them a fresh start. oakland is funding the program. the formal convicts hope that the work will give them a work
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history and a chance of getting full time work when they exit the program. can you get the pain relieving effects of cannabis without smoking it? the makers of this spray say you can. we investigate. and they were featured tonight on so you think you can dance. at 10:45 the bay area dancers who refuse to let a disability get in their way.
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an old folk remedy for horses is providing pain relief for humans. it's medical marijuana that patients spray on their skin. john fowler takes a look at how it works and how it may help in the fight against cancer. >> reporter: james hicks a 58-
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year-old patient at the hercules health center says he comes here for pain relief. >> i have serious migraines that started when i had my first heart attack. >> reporter: prescription pain medications no longer stop the migraines, but this cannabis spray does. >> within just a minute the pain is gone. >> reporter: it's medical marijuana and requires a doctor's recommendation. it's an alcohol base extract of cannabis serves as a herbal spray. cannabinoid receptors are in the skin, in the brain and in
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most organs. applying to skin limiting the effects to an area. >> there's nothing that's new. it's been around for decades, centuries. >> reporter: the idea for this product began with an old time folk remedy for horses. now scientists say they are also researchering cannabinoids used against aggressive cancers. >> breast cancer, brain cancer, head and neck cancers. >> reporter: researchers say previous studies showed cannabis somehow works against cancer. so they focused on cancer regulator genes. >> these genes are going to regulate other genes and the staff are going to go crazy. >> reporter: they found they could slam a break on one gene called ad1 affective in 20 different cancers and that reduced tumor spread. they used a cannabis extract.
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>> what we do is use this on all different types of tumors. >> we can give a data, it can move rapidly through the clinic. >> reporter: researchers expect clinical trials within two years. cannabis may soon graduate from alternative medicine to mainstream. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. 67 san jose police officers turned in their badges and badges. they were greeted with handshakes and hugs by dozens of their colleagues. >> if there's a chance i get brought in, i don't know if i would come in. there's a lot of bitterness against city council. i don't know if i can get over that. >> i'm trying to stay positive.
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>> several police officers have already been hired by other cities and counties. assistant chief diane herman has taken the job of police chief. urban is set to take over in early august. the movies up three positions in san jose's police department. california state university student may see their tuition go up this fall by 12%. the new budget cuts will save $150 million this coming school year. they will ask trustees to vote on an increase. it comes on top of a 10% increase that was approved last year. the university of california system is enrolling more out of state students this year than last. university officials say nonresident students will make up almost 14% of incoming
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freshmen and transfer students this fall, that's up from about 11% last fall. nonresidents pay more tuition than state residents at uc berkeley for example, that works out to an extra $11,000 a year per student. a surprise awaited defense secretary robert gates today at his retirement ceremony at the pentagon. gate was honored from his 20 plus years. president obama broke from the program and announced he was awarding gates with a medal of honor. >> it was a surprise. >> reporter: that was a reference to the osama bin laden covert operation. gates received a warm send off as he left the pentagon today.
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as his own farewell, gates sent e-mails to everybody in the military thanking them for their service. serious questions are being raised after an unusual security breech. a nigerian man used another travelers expired travel pass to travel from new york airport to los angeles last friday. the crew discovered the discrepancy and had police waiting. the man was questioned then released. but yesterday he tried to get on another flight with an expired boarding flight and this time he was arrested. >> after 9/11, i think if somebody can get with that, they can get away with anything. >> i tell you, they always check everything on me, i don't know how they got away with that. dignitaries and business leaders gathered in livermore today with the grand opening of an ambitious green technology
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initiative. it's called the i green net. livermore's mayor said he expects the enterprise to create 5,000 jobs in the area and contribute a billion dollars to the local economy. yet another lock out in prosports tonight. first it was the nfl now it's the nba. what the players association said just before that lock out took effect a little less than two hours ago. i'll be back here in less than 10 minute, we have a hot forecast to talk about and a big holiday weekend, we'll see you back here with the forecast. and google plus has already ran into a big problem. the message some new users received today.
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san francisco police chief greg suhr vowed today to brief the public of any police shooting within 24 hours of the incident. this comes after -- as they tried to arrest him yesterday morning. the officers were not injured but the 38-year-old gunman was wounded and is now being treated for his injuries. police in sassoon city identified a man who was fatally shot by an officer yet. 55-year-old we bernardo arajo was shot outside of a shopping center. police say before that the suspect had gone inside the sassoon senior center wearing camouflage clothing and armed with a gun. they say officers told the man to drop his weapon several times before they shot him. owners of the teams in the national basketball association locked out players effective
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about 90 minutes ago. the nba and players union were negotiating but did not come to an agreement. >> we don't agree, you know we're still going to continue to negotiate even in the midst of this lock out. >> reporter: the league estimates that 22 of its 30 teams lost money this season inspite of $40 million in revenue. two of the four mayor sports leagues are now -- major sports leagues are now under lock out. in london hundreds of thousands of workers walked out their jobs to protest the government's austerity plan. it includes raising the retirement age from 65 to 66, cuts to pensions and making workers invest more into their
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retirement. in afghanistan, a precision air strike today killed a leader of a militant network that's believed responsible for this week's attack on the intercontinental hotel in kabul. the hacani network has ties to the taliban and al-qaida and is now one of the biggest threats to civility in afghanistan. 20 people died in the hotel siege including all nine militants. right now checks are made every hour at schools in japan. many japanese continue to be concerned about radiation levels from the plant despite assurances from the government that exposure levels are within acceptable limits. san francisco city attorney says a november ballot measure that would you law circumcision of children is
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unconstitutional. jewish and muslim leaders have denounced the proposed circumcision ban. smokers who receive five text messages a day encouraging them not to smoke were twice as likely to quit. 10.7% remained smoke free six months later, more than double the rate of those who never received cell phone reminders. the cdc says it usually takes several attempts before someone can quit smoking. here in oakland airport two dancing stars are said to arrive tonight, the wheelchair duet that showed the nation anyone can dance. and it's heating up just in time for the holiday week edge. chief meteorologist bill martin is going to tell us just how hot it's going to get.
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new at 10:00, an oakland dance group took the spotlight on the show so you think you can dance. and their inspiring show shows anyone can be a dancer everyone in a wheelchair. jana katsuyama, is at the international airport where that team will be arrived tonight. >> reporter: already it hasn't been only a couple of hours but they are still becoming a pretty big hit right now online both on facebook and twitter. on a show where some contestants think they can dance, rodney bell and santry showed they know how to put emotion into motion. for three he mesmerizing
10:46 pm
minutes they put on a duet. together with and without disabilities. >> we got together as an experiment to see what kind of dance we could make. >> reporter: a blessing for bonnie who dreamed to dance as a child until an accident at 15. >> i wanted to go to broadway when i grew up. then i had a dune buggy accident and i broke my neck. >> reporter: now it's one of the only dance companies that integrate disabled dancers. just minutes after the show air, twitts and facebook messages starting coming in.
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they say it was an amazing honor. bell tells me he also hopes that this will encourage other people with disabilities to dream big and know that they can dance. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. there is word tonight of some job openings that could be a good fit if you're in shape. the san francisco business times reports the 24 hour fitness chain wants to hire 300 personal trainers before next year. it seems even in this depressing economy more and more folks want to get into shape. 24 hour fitness has 60 locations in the area which works out to five new trainers at each club. the dow soared to close at 3,114. the nasdaq increased 33 points.
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the plaintiff's claim google illegally collected wifi data from people's homes as google cars moved through neighborhood photographing streets as part of its street view map service. google says it never used the the signals. meantime google answer to facebook crashed when the system was overwhelmed with people signs on crashed. it quickly became so busy it had to be shut down early this morning. google says it will officially announce the system when it is ready for the demand. >> arlene the first named tropical storm of the hurricane season is now a tropical depression. there was some flooding but other parts of mexico welcomed the storm since there has been a severe drought there. and we had our rain a few days ago now things are
10:49 pm
switching up. it's going to warm up around here. there's no fog at the coast right now, it has not turned. we have winds offshore that are north-northwest. the winds are going to start clocking out of the north. it's not directly offshore but it's basically a warmer wind conditions. it's going to take the fog and it's going to shunt it well to the south. so ocean beach you should have another day tomorrow like the day we had today. and the big weather story is a warm up if you roll into the bay area weekend. so i mentioned this last week when it rained, i'm just glad it didn't rain this weekend. we got a little rain tuesday, it's great it's over the weekend. this weekend looks like it's going to be the nicest week epd weekend we've seen in a while. we saw a little bit of it today. we're looking for temperatures tomorrow to be warmer. temperatures on saturday and sunday are warmer still. right now the hottest day will
10:50 pm
probably be sunday with temperatures moving toward 70 degrees. we had the rain, that's good. it's going to heat up it's going to dry up but i have to tell you that rain helps quite a bit as you go into this holiday weekend which is traditionally a very scary fire weekend. fourth of july is really hot, but we're wet right now so that helps out. much better than we would have been without that inch of rain. fore what's for the fog is at the coast. like i said it peels back and look that the, big strong winds are going to sheer it right off the coast and you have a nice day out at half-moon bay and pacifica. you go to the microclimates. i like this, you get the bay, you get the hills, then you have the valleys out there by martinez and walnut creek. the numbers start to really pop out toward discovery bay, toward the delta. tomorrow we're going to see low 90s out there. these numbers on saturday, sunday are going to be triple digit, that's in the far inland valleys. livermore, east side of the
10:51 pm
livermore valley. 85 tomorrow in napa. beautiful day, air quality is still good. but as we get into monday and tuesday, i bet you tuesday is a spare the air day. monday or tuesday. you're going to see maybe a 70 out there at roca beach. and your holiday weekend, lots of snow melt up in the sierra with all the warmth. so there's going to be a lot of run off in the rivers. so be careful if you're on the sacramento or american. >> that flow inland. >> it's summertime isn't it. >> yeah, it is. we now know the identity of an elderly woman who was killed last night in a house fire in el cerrito. this is cell phone video ktvu received last night. beatrice reina was in the home
10:52 pm
with her grandson and granddaughter. the children made it out but not reina. prince william and kate landed today, and how long before they arrive in california. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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prince william and his wife kate arrived in canada today on their first leg of the north american tour. crowds lined up to see the royal couple. the two will take part in tomorrow's canada day celebrations. the couple will spend nine days there then it's off to los angeles for two days. well they would have been disappointed if they went to the giant and a's game tonight but they didn't do so well. >> rough couple of days for both our bay area teams. let's start with the giants, the pleasure of bay area teams. two blown saves by the giant's bullpen this afternoon at bryan wilson let a 1-0 lead get away. after the giants had gone an unbelievable 10-1/3 inning with not so much of a hit. pablo deposits one and the giants lead. ramirez is going to try to save
10:56 pm
it, no go. darwin makes the save. we have 2-2 and it gets worse. now 2-2, giovanni soto ends it with a shot into the cheap seats in wrigley. jamile weeks replaces ten years of mark ellis at second base for the a's. as soon as that rookie made his presence felt in oakland it was obvious that the ellis s era was over. he is off to colorado in a trade. and before the game, he was oblivious to the trade and was scooping up ice cream for a charity event. the good guy that he is.
10:57 pm
first time in more than a month florida has won two games in a row. meanwhile ellis bound for colorado happy to be with a contender in the n.l. west. >> for me it's about going up there and you know helping that ball club win and win in the nl west. if you put up good numbers you put up good numbers. usually when you're winning games if you get a hit, drive in and score runs or you go zero 0-4 and save a big round, that's what it's about. labor problems that's the last thing fans want to hear about but we've got it. two sports on official lock out. the nba joining the nfl. players want trades. not a huge deal here but whenever they do resume playing basketball the warriors will have with them lou admenson. he's going to exercise his contract option for the upcoming season.
10:58 pm
very optimistic for him. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. i don't think the nba was good at all. >> mark, thank you. the morning news will begin at 4:30. they'll be following a lot of new laws and regulations that kick in tomorrow. thanks for joining us.
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